Use without internet

From a FB group:
Can Tablo access recorded content if your Internet is out? One of the reasons I chose the CM+ was because my uverse was constantly going out and I liked the idea of being able to access previously recorded content.

Last time my cable was out, I was able to access my recordings because the router was up.

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I thought this question had been answered a number of times on the forum. And I assume you are talking about a tablo app accessing the tablo server.

Assuming that your DHCP is still functional and that the actual media player OS/UI software doesn’t require the WAN, it use to be only the Roku that worked.

But that has changed. If you refer to the thread from around 2 weeks ago when the Amazon cloud went out you might find the answer. I also responded in that thread with a forum thread link to an earlier 8/2016 response from tablo support.

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Yep. Just as long as you have a local LAN connection you’re good to go on everything except for the web app. The remaining apps will fall back to the local connection in the event of an internet outage.

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It depends. We had issues because the Roku could not locate the Tablo even on the same LAN. Until I connected a WAN (we were waiting on them to upgrade the copper to fiber to turn on service and I used an extender with a my phone hotspot). Once we had that, they could finally talk and would after disconnecting. I forced an update of the guide so that it would start recording again, but it would not pick up any shows until the WAN was connected again.

Will the Tablo record without internet access if the internet is down for a couple of days?

As long as it has the guide data for the recording in question, yes. Generally you should be good for a couple weeks unless the channel has made schedule changes.