Use OS 10.6.8 with WEB APP


I know it is an old computer but is there anyway I can use the Web App for TABLO with OS 10.6.8 operating system?
All I get is a blank page when I click on Web App.


Can you update your old computer to a later OS? What Mac system are you working on? Or you could just get a fairly new iPad? (used or reconditioned). - How can I update my mac from 10.6.8 to the latest version?


You could try an old version of Google Chrome, but not sure how well it’ll work, if at all either.

Google Chrome v49.0.2623.75 is available here:

Go down to the ‘Google Chrome Mac Version’ section, and click on ‘49.0.2623.75’ link to download it.


Snow Leopard? Wow. That’s 8 versions back (10 years ago).

I recommend trying Chrome as others have mentioned.


Dude, we’ve got a PowerBook G3 (Pismo) with a PowerPC G4 CPU upgrade that’s running MacOS v10.3.x.


:smile: (just because you can, doesn’t mean you should) :smile:


…because if you take a system that has exceeded it’s End of Life, as far as security updates are concerned, and connect it to the internet - you open yourself to any/all vulnerabilities that came along or have been discovered since - and will never be patched.


Actually, I’ve worked for big fortune 50 companies with equipment as old and older. Companies that people trust with their money btw.


Sadly, I have XP systems in place where I work. I do believe they supposedly have an added layer of security. (they don’t use DHCP, so we can restart them) It’s a real pain with the messages about chrome not being supported and, well it’s more than obvious. We need it to run some custom (out dated software in some areas)

It’s a bit different than someone asking - I have a real old computer, I don’t understand what I’m getting into, I just want it to work, and… Well, you know, finishing this, I don’t think there really is much difference in most situations :laughing: