Use Clearstream TV with Tablo?

I’ve been keeping an eye on the rollout of the Clearstream TV that connects an antenna wirelessly. You can download a private channel on the Roku to view the feed. Our cabling through the house is in bad shape with the original RG-59 lines pulled and tugged on by three different providers before we finally cut the cord. Our reception can be horrible at times due to the bad cables and length of the lines. There are currently no antenna finstallers in our area. Having a connection wirelessly to the antenna would be a god send. But would I be able to keep using the Tablo to make recordings? Does anyone know of a way to hook up the Tablo wirelessly to pick up the signal?

Oh no! I just now read where it has to be plugged up inside. Obviously that won’t work for us as the cabling itself is the issue. I’m right back where I started. :weary:

Maybe connect the Tablo to the cable closest to the entry to the house then watch live TV via the Tablo and your media player, assuming you have wifi in your house.

I’m a little confused, do you currently have an antenna connected to a Tablo? If so then there are a number of things that could be effecting your reception beyond the RG-59 cable.

How far are you from the TV towers in your area? What antenna do you have & where is it mounted? There are sites on the internet that will locate the TV towers in your area & where they are from you. This will help you know which antenna you need & where to mount it & which direction to point it. If you are not capable of mounting an antenna & running the required coax through your house, you should be able to find a general Handy-Man in your area that can handle this sort of work.