Use attached storage for buffer but remote drive for final resting place

It would be nice if the attached USB hard drive could be used solely for a pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding live tv, plus a buffer for recording while storing the finished recording on a remote drive.

Let’s say I have a 2Tb mirror in a PC shared on my network. The Tablo would initially record the show to the locally attached USB drive, but when it was finished it could offload the recording to my drive share. This would mean end-users could attach much smaller hard drives to the Tablo and you could avoid much of the incompatibility you have been experiencing. Plus this would also make large network attached storage (NAS) devices available.

There is no official away to pull recordings off the Tablo, but it’s requested.

Tablo said they will add the feature to extract recordings off the Tablo.

For now check out Jestep’s Tablo Exporter - great software.

Another really nify piece of software to pull recordings off the Tablo is Cycle J’s “Tablo Ripper” For those running Windows, it’s really nice. You can download everything, or individually select shows or groups of shows to download. The downloads are in mp4 format.


@lkahhan Thanks for the advice. I installed Tablo Ripper. I have it running as a service and it works perfectly.

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It’s been running solidly for me, and the developer has been really responsive with bug fixes and feature requests. Glad you like it.

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