USB Ports on back of Tablo

I just ran out of room on my Tablo. My Tablo has 2 USB ports on the back with no internal storage. My question is can I just buy a 2nd drive and have both plugged in? Thanks for your help!!!

Unfortunately no. Only one USB hard drive at a time.

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With only one USB working at a time what is everyone doing? I don’t want to be plugging and unplugging drives to watch something. My current drive was 1000 gigabytes

  1. Delete some shows.
  2. Offload them to a media server.
  3. Get a bigger drive.

Swapping drives back and forth wont work either. The database is on the tablo. If you try to swap a drive out for another drive then try to put it back and weird stuff will happen. There are ways to copy the drive contents to a larger drive. But you have to move to the new drive not go back and forth.


You must have an OG Tablo, the newer and current DUAL and QUAD units only come with 1 USB port.