USB issue - Can I do anything?

I noticed that when plugging my USB cable between my Tablo and hard drive I can’t push the plug fully in the USB hub otherwise there is no connection between the two. However, if I plug it in my computer, no issues when I push the USB completely in. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this?

I have a 4 tuner, WiFi model with model # SPVR4-01-NA.

I believe you have the original 4-tuner model which has 2 USB ports. If so, have you tried the other USB port and does it exhibit the same behavior? If so, then you should try a different cable.

Is this a newly acquired original 4 tuner? Otherwise I’d presume it would have been already been in service an working. If so - what’s changed? If this is new, as suggested try a different cable.

As a trouble shooting, try a USB flash drive, to see if it functions (check for port function). I believe I’ve also recall suggesting plugging in your phone (if no drive), as it powers an external drive, it should “charge” your phone. (by specs of USB, there’s a 5 V DC, it’s standard and shouldn’t damage either).

If the flash drive works, then maybe you have a flubbed cable. If not, maybe something got stuck in there :frowning:

Thanks, by plugging in my phone I was able to confirm the Tablo’s USB plugs were fine. My hard drive is a Western Digital Elements Portable USB3 hard drive, which uses a special type of cable. Seems I was lucky and found I had a spare one which this one seems to work properly. I have the Tablo since 2015. I recently changed hard drive and noticed the issue while moving the Tablo and the hard drive to clean the area.

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Yea, I don’t like to clean any more often than… 5yrs :slight_smile:

Ok, now we know the “phone thing” is a viable USB port test for others that may pass by with a similar issue - trouble shooting.

USB 3 should be backwards compatible, it may “look funny” but should have still functioned, at least you’re up and running :smile:

As I said, I recently changed hard drive. The old hard drive died after 5 years. With the previous hard drive, I would clean and move the Tablo with absolutely no issues. Would confirm that the cable was the issue.

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