USB hard drive automatic reformat?

I have a question. I have an external USB hard drive that I have movies and pictures stored on. One of our family plugged it into the USB port on our Tablo thinking we could watch movies through the Tablo. This did not work and now the hard drive does not show up as mass storage on our PC but does show in device manager as a fresh partitioned drive only in Disk Management. Does Tablo auto format USB external drives once they are plugged in? The drive was plugged in for approx, 45 minutes.

Hoping for good news but?

NO, you or someone must initiate the format! - It will resemble something similar to this -

Have them start with basic fundamentals!!

So there’s little to no misunderstandings regarding basic function.

I understand the Tablo external USB HDD feature. A family member ( in another household) did not. I am trying to find out if he was prompted to format and did it. I appreciate you fast reply.


MJ Mosher

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