USB flash drives

I realize USB flash drives aren’t supported but has anyone actually ever tried one and had any luck?

Yes they have, search the forums.

I have. I’ve seen only one person.

I haven’t seen anyone have any luck no, the times it has come up it has usually been under other trouble threads. The user starts by saying the recordings are breaking up or they fail to start or they only get the first 30 seconds of a show or even one recording at a time works but trying multiple they get an error, etc.

Through the course of troubleshooting it is found that some of those were caused by the user trying to use a flash drive.

I personally switched to a Samsung SSD about a year ago and it works fine, solid state memory isn’t the issue.

The issue with flash drives are the speeds, most don’t have anywhere near the throughput needed… And those that start off fast enough slow down quickly as they heat up in use.

Are there flash drives that will work? Probably, but its unlikely and not worth the trial and error for most.


More modern flash drives can be fast enough for the short term but they don’t have the same number of read/write cycles as a real hard drive which means they will fail sooner.

Plus, the Auto Delete algorithms for external storage are tuned for drives that are 1TB+. That means recordings on tiny drives may get wiped before you can watch them.

yeah yeah, I had an older WD Passport 250gb drive that worked perfect for tablo. Unfortunately dropped it and the cable won’t plug into it anymore. Didn’t really want to buy a new one just for Tablo. I have a 1tb and 2tb drive but don’t want to use those as I use them as backups. Trying to find a cheap one on Ebay or CL. I never use over 100gb for tablo.

I’ve been using a Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC EVO card attached to a USB 3.0 adapter for 5 days now without a glitch.

I’m not sure these use the same technology as “conventional” USB flash drives… so it’s likely they may perform more successfully.

I have a 2.5" WD Blue 320GB - WD3200BVET (less than $15 on ebay) in a Sabrent enclosure ($18 for a set on ebay), as you, I don’t have long term storage, so I don’t need massive size.

Have one on each tablo. Been running issue free for months. Prior to this, I had a WD Green 3.5" 500GB in an enclosure… then a got a second tablo and wanted them to match.

Enclosures “not supported” can be interpreted not as “does not work” but as - probably works, but if you have a problem, don’t call us - we won’t provide any support.

[edit] my choice for that drive… I had one, underused in a system - known to be functional. As noted, I wanted a matched set :). I’ve have and used a couple other Sabrent enclosures… never had any problems.

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