USB Flash Drives... now supported

So I just got my tablo and was shocked to learn USB flash drives are not recommended do to read/Writes because if too slow. And yet, the new Dual uses an internal SSD. Now I realize the internal SSD has faster read/write speeds than a USB flash drive, by this is really a limitation of USB 3.0… and most modern USB 3.0 Flash drives are as fast as USB HDDs. Soooooo… has taboos advice changed?

Incidentally, I am not planning on using a USB Flash drive… I am lazy and would run out of space in no time with anything less than 2 TB… just curious is all.h

If a person were to use a USB SSD drive, I doubt that Tablo could tell it from a regular HDD.

I would avoid flash drives more on the reliability aspect than the speed aspect…

Regular flash drives are built from much less expensive (and not as extensively tested) NAND storage than the SSD’s are, not to mention the controller circuitry. There is also the issue of read/ write cycles, which SSD has taken measures to mitigate (software and hardware both) - and flash drives basically ignore on the premise that you will replace it.

Tablo DUAL’s internal memory is actually EMMC which is a bit different than what’s in a USB Flash drive.

Despite the faster speeds of today’s Flash Drives, we have tested them over the past year with both new & old Tablo units without much success.

That’s why we continue to suggest USB connected hard drives. It doesn’t matter if they’re 2.0 or 3.0 or if they’re SSDs as there’s no speed reason to spend more $ on an SSD vs. a regular spinning drive.

If you like the ‘no moving parts’ aspect of an SSD and have the cash to spare, go for it!

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