Usability request for Favorites and previous channel

Does it make sense to go into a program on a channel to add or remove a channel from Favorites? It makes more sense for that option to be in the channel not in the program on Tablo 4th gen.

Previous channel capability on Tablo 4th gen seems to be missing. This seems to be functionality that was in previous versions of Tablo and a very common feature on most TV devices. Having this feature is a common function on all devices and is a time saver, versus needing scroll through lots of channels to get to the previous channel

I would have separated these in the Features but the community only lets you create 1 post per hour.

Anyone else agree that Tablo 4th gen should have these features?

At first, I found adding favorites by clicking on the show/movie title to be very weird. It’s also very easy to press Add by mistake. As it’s programmed right now, though, the only way to watch a live channel that does not have guide information is to click on the channel name/number. Could the Add option be placed there, sure. I prefer to click on the channel name when I know I want to watch a channel since it’s instant. I don’t like clicking on the show title, waiting for a popup, then clicking Watch Live. Also, there are times when my Roku has decided that because I went the longer route, it was only the one show I wanted to watch.

The favorites section has quite a few current issues. Not only is data missing when filtered this way, having multiple Tablos makes it a useless feature. If I add or remove a favorite on one Tablo, all devices are the same.

As for previous channel, I’m assuming that you are using a Roku device. The screen overlay on the Android/Fire version have a nice scroll of all channels playing currently, although there still could be several channels between the two you’re watching. I wouldn’t object to adding a quick switch back option, maybe in the same section as “You’re Live (or Go Live)” / “Pause” “Captions (On/Off)”, any more steps than that would be a lot (even getting to the show’s info takes 5 button clicks!)

While previous channel is a very common feature on individual devices like TVs, PVRs, cable boxes, I’ve looked at the Tablo as more of a live streaming device than anything. I compare it to Pluto, Roku Channels, frndly tv, etc, which do not have a Previous Channel option.

These ideas can be quiet useful and I don’t oppose to them in general. I think that they would have to find a better way to implement them that would be beneficial on all viewing apps.