USA Address shipped Canadian Quad?


Just received my new Quad, woohoo!!!

Except, I am worried I was shipped the wrong localized version.

The model no. Is listed as:


I may be wrong, but my Spidey-Sense says this may be a CANADIAN version, because of the “CN” at the end of the model no… But I live in the USA!!!

So, can anyone tell me if I need to worry about this, or just shut up and pop that baby open?!? :grin:

Thanks to the wonderful Tablo Community


The firmware is the same for Canada and the US, and the same tuners are used as well so I wouldn’t worry about it.


That’s the same model number from:

I think…
CA would be Canada.
CN would be China.


So maybe he got a Chinese version of the Tablo? :open_mouth:


@theuser86 @Radojevic

Thanks, peeps!

I sure hope that just means “made in China” (vs Malaysia, etc), rather than made FOR China, LOL!!!

So, I thought Canadian DTV was PARTIALLY ATSC, rather than 100% the same as US ATSC. Am I mistaken? If so, I guess it should be ok, then?


Google Translater gonna be working overtime! lol

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Same same



I’ll stop freaking out and just start ENJOYING!



And what’s the suffix on the dual lite?

I have multiple units that I ordered from various U.S. companies and they still tune stations broadcasting from Mexico. Maybe that’s where they were assembled?


Quad, not Dual. CN is the suffix.

I think it is the country of origin.


I just checked mine. Has the “-CN” at the end as well. I’m in the US.

So just plug it in and enjoy it :slight_smile:


I did and I am! :grinning: