Upstream bandwidth needed for Tablo Connect?

I’m just curious what the recommended upload rate should be for a good viewing experience with tablo connect?

Probably depends what you are using to view it on, but for my iPhone 6+, 1Mbps seems fine.

I was thinking via Chrome Browser on a notebook or a Fire TV Stick. I have 3MB up.

I have a 1M upload so set my remote viewer (Nexus Player) to 1M. It has been serviceable, but buffering does not work the same as local… seldom can I FF through a commercial set and have it resume “promptly”. But part of that may be the local network here, which has been “under revision” since my arrival.

Certainly don’t get the same PQ as when at home, but it’s nice to be able to watch a few things when we have some down-time.

It all depends on what Recording Quality you have your Tablo set to. See link below. Of course, you can set the Remote Streaming Quality to lower than “Full Quality”. The 720p 3 Mbps recording quality needs at least 5 Mbps upload speed to stream without buffering.

This may also enlighten you:

Thanks - I haven’t enabled it yet as I’m not sure that I’d use the feature…but I was curious as to the bandwidth requirements - which I presumed are dependent on recording quality.

So if you set the remote stream quality to something less than the default - does that take two tuners to record…is it recording 2 versions of the show?

If you’re streaming at something less than ‘full quality’ Tablo needs to retranscode the video to send it back over the internet, which is why it requires a tuner.

Thanks! Yes I just saw that in the link that @theuser86 posted (Granted I had to use google’s cache of it since navigating directly chrome gave a security error…)

No security error here on IE11.


weirder is when I cleared my history I don’t get the error anymore.

The link I posted is HTTP, your Chrome browser is trying to go to HTTPS. Do you have your Chrome browser to try and make secured connections all the time?

good catch…but no I don’t - resolved itself after clearing history…

Either way you will unlikely be able to stream at Full Quality remotely, so your Tablo will have to use another tuner when viewing remotely.

Do you have a dual tuner or quad tuner?