Upgrading to larger disc drive

I currently have a Tablo 4th gen with a 2Tb external drive and want to upgrade to a 5Tb drive. How do I migrate content recorded on the 2Tb drive to the 5Tb drive?

I have a legacy Tablo, but I have the same question. I have 4TB drive that is close to filling up. I want to switch it to a 8TB drive.

How do I migrate content recorded on the smaller drive to the larger drive?

Unfortunately, the Tablo 4th gen doesn’t have the migrate or backup/recovery feature yet. Support has said they have that on their to-do list but no eta.

If i remember correctly and you disconnect the 2TB and install the 5TB, you will lose access to all the recordings that you have on the 2TB and won’t be able to reattach the drive and get them back to watch so only do it if you are done with what you had wanted to watch on the 2TB and are willing to start from scratch on new recordings on the new drive.

Perhaps the following thread will answer your questions regarding changing to a larger drive on your legacy Tablo.