Upgrading - Tablo Legacy or Tablo V4

I’m trying to decide if I should purchase a Table V4. I have read the posts here, and my biggest concern is not being able to stream my hdtv away from my home.

Is that still an issue?

Correct. You will not be able to stream outside of your home with the 4th gen Tablos.

And the subscription that I paid for for the legacy can’t be transferred over?

@snowcat I assume remote access could be done with a 4thGen if the OP had a VPN set up?

No need, the 4thgen units include the guide information for free.

They can’t stream well outside the house due to the new compression on the newer white Tablos, and the bandwidth they would need Tablo said somewhere. It will be coming eventually they think.

The older Tablos are no longer for sale anywhere but Ebay I think and your going to have to pay monthly or yearly for the guide just to stream a couple times a year out of the house?. Use PlutoTV or some free apps if you need to. I don’t like to pay for anything.

Yeah, a VPN into the network would work.

After thinking about it more, the Tablo Gen4 (MPEG2) bandwidth requirements over a VPN is something that would have to be considered. I don’t know what the actual bandwidth requirements are, but given that most folks have a limited upload speed (and data caps), this could be an issue.

No it would not as streaming is disabled in the UI for the reasons I posted above.

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TabloTV had some refutbs