Upgrading 2 tuner lite to 4 tuner


I’ve recently ditched TiVo (got fed up with their inability to provide an accurate program guide). I picked up a Tablo 2 tuner lite DVR from BestBuy to see if I like the service. I do like it but want the 4 tuner DVR because I get a lot of channels. If I get the 4 tuner DVR, can I just plug my current hard drive from the 2 tuner DVR into the new DVR and it see my programs scheduled to record and programs already recorded, or will it have to be reformatted and all content is lost? I’ve found a similar question answered here (the answer is all content is lost), but that thread was over two years old and I was hoping some progress has been made since then to upgrade Tablo units.


The following article states you’re out of luck with a Tablo Dual Lite model:

However, I believe you should be able to download the recordings off the Tablo, and on to your computer using TabloRipper:

Hint: Go to the ‘Downloads & Release Notes’ link.


I had seen that article but it sounded like it was referencing the new DVR as the 2 tuner lite, so I wasn’t sure if it’d be different if the old tuner was the 2 tuner lite. If I rip the files to my computer, is there an easy way to put them back on the new box?


Unfortunately no.

You can watch them on using the Plex app on a Roku for example. Just run the Plex Media Server on the computer you rip the shows to.