Upgrade to 2.2.28 pixelation & disconnects

I purchased a used Tablo on Ebay and upon setting it up, did the 2.2.28 firmware upgrade. The Dual Lite was unusable due to pixlization, screeching sound sporadically and disconnects (your tuner has reassigned to another TV session). I reverted back to 2.2.24 and now it works perfectly on Apple TV, but on the ROKU I cannot use it because the ROKU Tablo app says "an update is required " and the TV I need Tablo for has a ROKU. The Android app now works too but no sound, even with 5.1 unchecked. The Tablo I purchased is model TDNS2B-01-CN whic I believe is from 2018 or prior. Is there anything I can do to make this work?

If you touch base with our support team, we can take a look and see what’s causing the issues. I do recommend that you process the update to 2.2.28 again, though - the issues you mentioned should not be related to the firmware version.

Thank you. I am following your advice now. Cheers!