Upgrade Hard Drive without losing recordings or 2nd USB port activation

Hi I have a 2TB Seagate drive that I currently use. I keep hitting the 25 GB left wall and due to my busy schedule find it hard to manage my viewing time.
Is there anyway to upgrade my drive form 2TB to 4 or 5TB without losing my current library of recordings? I was hoping by now that I could plug in another drive into the second USB port to expand my storage capability.

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I would also like it if Tablo would follow through with activating the second USB port so I could add a second HD. This was a promised feature at the very beginning they have failed to follow through with.

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No Official way to do it.

There is an un-official process detailed on a thread here somewhere but Tablo support doesn’t recommend it as it has a risk of failure.

Essentially you use linux and clone the HDD. I did it myself and it worked flawlessly and the risk is small as long as you dont wipe the old HDD until you are sure the copy worked as expected…

But I have seen at least one or two post to say something happened and the original HDD info was corrupted.

Given that the newest Tablo Dual only has one USB port, I wouldn’t hold my breath to see the second drive option become reality. Just my opinion however…one never knows…

Here is the process I believe most used.

I don’t really remember there being a “promise”, maybe they said it’s something they’d look into, I just don’t remember a promise.

At the very beginning it was one of the features they spoke about. I am very happy with my Tablo but I have just always wanted the ability to add a second HD like they advertised that it could do.

Now that the Tablo supports one HDD up to 8 TB, I don’t think they thought the 2nd HDD was of much use.