Updating dual hdmi

Dual hdmi
Updating tablo
Stuck for 1hr in step 1 of 3 “preparing”
Previously went through step 1 of 3 “downloading”

@Jwebb901 - Hrm… sorry you’re running into this.

Can you give support a ring at 1-844-822-5688?

We’d like to collect some logs from your Tablo to find out why the update got stuck. They’ll give you a hand making sure it processes correctly once we’ve got them.


We’re around till 5:30 p.m. ET. If you can’t give us a ring before then, feel free to reboot and try again. We would like to get those logs though.

Firmware 2.2.31
Still shows “update available”.

Do you see this screen? If so you can try the update again.

Yes screen comes up and I select “update” and it bounces right back out.

Maybe try a different client? (Roku, PC Browser, etc.,)

If another device doesn’t do the trick, do give the team a ring at 1-844-822-5688.

That way we can get some logs to see what’s happening and make sure the update goes through for you.