Updated tuners on new Dual Tablo?

I have a 2018 Dual Tuner Tablo … love it … until recently several of my lower end stations 2.1 , 9.1 etc just simply quit coming in… so my question is this - are the new Tablos that are currently available have newer REVISED tuners that will pick up these stations? I will buy a new unit if that is the case and someone can confirm that new BETTER tuners are available. My Samsung 50" HDTV picks up ALL the stations without a problem. Please let me know if the tuner design has been upgraded or not.

You are likely better to invest in upgrading your antenna to a better / bigger one.

What is the make and model of your current antenna? Does it have a pre-amp at the antenna?

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Some areas where ATSC 3.0 is actually rolling out might be lighthousing some ATSC 1.0 channels and thus change reception.

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^ This!

We had some stations go live with ATSC 3.0 and I had to rescan to get their ATSC 1.0 signal back.

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 11.15.54 AM
I just bought this ClearStream antenna … didn’t help … however, I DO have a pre-amp but it is at the back ot the Tablo, NOT at the antenna … I will try that. It is up in the attic - trying to avoid having it outside (hurricanes and all) … but I may have to do that next. Thanks for the pre-amp idea. Still - how can I find out if Tablo has UPGRADED their tuners? That needs to happen!

Clearstream has a separate VHF antenna you can add on to that antenna. That will likely help if the channel is actually VHF. Google VHF vs UHF.

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Fantastic … chnl 9 is one of the ones missing … wonder if they make a super low freq add-on for chnl 2? LOL Magic.

Are your channels 2 and 9 the real channel number versus the virtual numbers? I haven’t seen real channel 2 used for a while. Especially since it sits below the old 3-4 channel selector for VCRs.

Your antenna looks like a C4-V-CJM versus a 4max. I have a C4 and they have a reflector and almost all sold came with the VHF antenna.

And unless tablo discloses what tuners it currently uses you won’t know. They use to use maxlinear mlx601/mlx602. And the mlx603 is dual ATSC mode and would probably cost more.

Well my C4 did NOT come with a VHF antenna.
Here are the 2 problem chnls. (see pic) !So they ARE ACTUALLY 9 & 13 (info from antenna web.org
Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 12.35.07 PM|310x174 - so would adding that VHF kit help (I am guessing yes) - thanks for your help :slight_smile:

What preamp came with the antenna? I’m pretty sure the Clearstream C4-CJM doesn’t come with one.

None … I bought 2 dif. ones and tried both, however they are the back of the Tablo instead of near the antenna - these 2 boosters Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 12.51.28 PM

You have both of them connected? Can you try the antenna without the amplifier? You are not that far from the channels you want, maybe you’re over driving the Tablo tuner.

This is what you want at the antenna mast. There is a difference between a preamp and amp.


No I do NOT have both both connected … only one, but I tried both and no luck. I may try the antenna w/o the amp and see if that works. And do a re-scan with the new antenna … so that Winegard one goes right at the antenna? Not 50’ down the cable near the Tablo - right? I have a feeling that a new Pre-Amp and the VHF kit for the lower chnls. will ‘cure’ this problem :slight_smile: Thanks!

Don’t get too excited, solving OTA signal issues is very experimental, I’ve wasted a lot of money on antennnas, amps, etc.

LOL … I know … well here is anew twist (before I go spend more money) … ever heard of EYE-TV? It is a usb tv tuner stick that I have - runs on Mac OS app … I just connected the Eye-Tv to that new ClearStream antenna with no amp (or pre-amp … not sure which it is - the ones I already have) … and guess what - ALL chnls. come in … Including the 2.1 & 9.1 - both have very strong signal strength. So, my experimentation so far is saying ‘Tablo tuners suck’ - LOL

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Have you done a new channel scan on the Tablo? Like a recent channel scan?

Yeah I did … the 20 chnls. I had before all this started … was whittled down to 9 chnls. - so I didn’t save the scan. (it of course left out the 2.1 & 9.1 problem chnls.) … maybe I’ll just get a Mac Mini and hook up the Eye-TV tuner that works fine with this antenna. IDK

When the antenna is connected to the Samsung you might find that samsung has a tuner meter that would display the channels signal quality. That might indicate how close you are to a problem - tablo has an internal splitter.

I use to use a winegard fl5500a which had a power injector somewhat like the one you bought. It worked great when connected to my sony. But the injectors male to tablo/hdhomerun female connectors didn’t fit just right and leaked noise. I don’t remember if the male’s coax pin was shorter then expected.

Kinda wish Tablo made a single tuner unit … with no splitter - i think that is the problem … splitting the signal reduces it just enough that the Tablo can’t pick it up. IDK

Yeah it’s called the digital cliff effect, you just fall off it.

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