Updated Firmware and now "No Hard Drive"

I updated firmware today but now It says no hard retrieve. My hard drive is still plugged into my taboo and was working fine yesterday. What does this mean and do I now need a new hard drive and if so, how do I replace it?

I meant to say that it says No Hard Drive. It says that on my iPad app.

I am having the same issue. If you cycle power and/or press the reset button the tablo it should come back. But, it my case it only works for about 20 minutes before it fails again. I’ve opened a ticket but haven’t had anything done to fix it yet…

I have the same problem as well…but no amount of rebooting has convinced the hard drive to reconnect.
Tablo shows the recorded shows, just can’t play them due to “No Hard Drive” - and all new recordings fail due to the same issue.

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I have a 1TB WD My Passport Ultra and I just switched USB ports and still says No Hard Drive shows when I try to synchronize. Like the other commentator, it shows my recordings, they just won’t play, when I try to play them it’s says I must have a hard disk connected. If it is not accessing my drive, where is the recording info stored? So I’m guessing I’m just dead in the water now. Is there some way to go back to the previous version? It actually worked just fine. I didn’t need anything included in this update.

Switching USB ports does nothing to remedy the problem…Tablo simply refuses to see the hard drive that was working previously.

I can’t explain why this worked but I’m happy it did…

My tablo was basically unusable because of the “no hard drive” issues. So, last night I connected a new hard drive and let the tablo format it. It made four recordings and I watched live TV without any issues. Today I powered off the tablo and reconnected the original drive, it was not changed at all. I used the tablo all day without a single issue!

Almost everyone has been through this drill concerning WD hard drives. So I’m sure you must have. Some drives, especially the WD elements with S/N suffix of “-03”, need a firmware update. Sometimes just updating the tablo firmware causes the problem to become much worse.

Otherwise the drive fails to properly register or stay registered with the USB controller. This need to update drive firmware is not listed on the WD drive download page. Everyone just downloads the WD firmware updater to a PC and runs it. It doesn’t destroy any information on the drive. Along the way you can read the WD firmware updater release notes.

If you look in the recommended hard disk, it said WD Elements disk only (or did prior to supporting large disk). I previously had a WD Elements 1 TB with a P/N suffix of -04 and never had a problem. I upgraded to a Seagate 5 TB and haven’t had problems with it either.

Well, I just ordered the 5TB Seagate drive from Jet.com ($108) to see if this ends my hard drive issues. But this will be my last purchase for the hard drive roulette that Tablo brings…if it has any problems, I’m done for good.

That’s a bold move - I know waiting till Monday sucks, but why not get Tablo Support to remote in and figure out why a perfectly functioning hard drive just stopped being recognized?

Speaking of the waiting until Monday thing, when do you 'spose the folks at Tablo will decide to upgrade the staff and go with a 24/7/365 Customer Service Dept? Everybody’s doing it. As it is now, I’m guessing tomorrow (Monday) morning is going to be a bit busy there…Heck, I’m on disability from a work related injury, love tech stuff and have a nice phone voice. I can start tomorrow Nuvyyo… :wink:

Bought a WD element and tablo from amazon and got an “-03”. Never had a problem until one time the tablo firmware was updated. Once the “-03” firmware was updated never had another problem. Have a “-04” on a second tablo. Never had a problem. Have a brand new spare “-05” in the box. Don’t know.

There was a time when the WD element was the go to disk. And it seemed that all the ones bought through amazon were “-03”. And the brick and mortar stores had “-04” and “-05”. Maybe amazon had a warehouse full of them.

Probably the day after they learn to apply quality assurance standards to their software.