Updated Factory Reset KB article

I’m considering factory resetting my tablo’s and refreshing myself How to Factory Reset your Tablo When Using External/SATA Storage July 07, 2020 14:53

Notes, it will provide an Out-Of-Box-Experience

When a factory reset is performed on the Tablo DVR, it is restored to its ‘out-of-the-box’ state and is essentially running as a new unit

In the end, final intrusions.

  1. You will be guided through the setup process. Ignore any prompts to attach your drive. This includes entering your zip/postal code and running a channel scan. Wait for the channel scan and guide data download to finish.

  2. Reattach your hard drive. You may still see some old data but this will be cleaned from your Tablo DVR’s hard drive during overnight maintenance processes.

Why wouldn’t I want to reformat my drive if I’m trying to get a fresh start? Although it’s been sometime, a “fresh” tablo, won’t recognize a drive it hasn’t formatted and “authorized”, unless you’re going through the process of migrating to a new tablo, but that’s a different process.

All the quick start guides and first time setup information have a drive setup. Even though you have the option to skip.

Question: once a tablo is reset, how/why is the initial setup different from a brand new (or reconditioned) unit?