Update on "described video" aka "narration"

I am a newbie to the forum so please forgive me if I’ve posted this question incorrectly. I switched to OTA HD about year ago (rural Ontario Canada). To control initial costs and not knowing how this would work out, I went with 2 inexpensive Mediasonic PVR boxes. It turned out OK but the boxes are a bit unreliable regularly missing recording events, loosing connection to the external HDD and recording described video whenever it is transmitted by the station. I am considering an upgrade to the Tablo dual 128 but would like to determine if it is likely to also record any or all described video. Tablo support indicated that it’s pvrs “do not transcode audio” which I take to mean it will also record the described video. I see some posts in the community from 2018 discussing the problem and then nothing noted in the years after. Are users still having this issue or doe’s the lack of posting mean it’s no longer an issue,
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From my understanding, the Tablo does not record the described video audio track. It just records the main audio track which doesn’t have the described video audio.

My understanding - this is not accurate – Tablo Tech Support Knowledge Base article , Advanced & Technical Questions: In what format does Tablo save the video/audio stream to the hard drive?

This article also states audio is transcoded: What compression/audio video codes does Tablo use?

I know the *.ts segments play audio and video and have not seen audio and video stored separately

also to note: If tablo’s tech support are referring to their devices as “pvr” while all their products pages and marketing uses DVR… well, yea, they do transcode audio along with video

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You are correct. The audio is transcoded if the surround sound feature is off. The links you posted are right.

Thank you to theuser86 and djk44883. Maybe I just misunderstood the response I received from support. In any case, it looks like the Tablo is an appropriate choice…thanks again

Isn’t the audio transcoded either way? It either takes the AC3 track or the stereo track depending on how the user sets it up.

I may be wrong but usually “transcodes” means to convert from one format to another.

When surround sound is off, the Tablo transcodes the 5.1 AC3 audio track to 2.0 AAC.

When surround sound is on, the Tablo just extracts the 5.1 AC3 audio track from the OTA stream. It doesn’t touch the audio. No transcoding going on here (if I’m using the term correctly).

Still having issues with described audio on fox kljb-dt quad cities.