Update IOS app to higher resolution

Can the IOS app be updated to support higher resolutions? It was released after the iPhone 6 came out…

Can you explain further? Are you saying that it can’t do 720p or 1080p?

No. I’m saying to match the screen resolution of the larger devices. It is using the same resolution as the iphone 5/5s. It look pretty bad on the 6 plus.


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Just curious, are you seeing the bad resolution when connected to your Wifi network, or when using Tablo Connect via LTE? My understanding is when you are on your local network Tablo streams at full quality, but when you are outside the quality is limited by your home networks upload speed.

From my understanding, the web app on the iPhone uses the native video player in iOS. The Tablo folks are considering using the video player that they use for Android, since that would resolve the “unpredictable fast foward” issue.

I am just surprised that the Apple video player is giving you problems. If you use straight Safari to access the Tablo, does it look the same?

What @gapa85 is saying is…

When the larger screen iPhone 6 plus was release, @TabloTV did not design the app for the larger screen. So the entire interface is blown up aka automatically scaled up. It’s like running an iPhone only app on an iPad. In other words, it looks ridiculous, the app should be able to use the extra screen size to show more data or even more options.

It uses the native video player, so video play back works fine as far as looks go (play back has its quirks, but that’s a different story).

Hope this offers some clarification.

If you use Safari to go to my.tablotv.com, does it look the same?

Glad to know the video is at least looking good.

@krissy Understands.

The menus are larger and take up more of the screen than they need to. Notice that the time is larger in the images from the app vs safari. The thumbnails are also larger. These are from an iphone 6. The difference would be even more on the 6 plus.


Do you have some funky zoom settings or accessibility settings turned on? I have an iPhone 6 and the native iPhone app shows up as below. I’m running iOS 8.3, as you’ll see everything looks great.

I cropped it down to the first row or so of icons so you could see that the interface is larger/more blurry on the app vs the web interface.