Update for LG webOS?

It’s been a year now since the last update… any idea when LG webOS will have up to date functionality?

Both LG and Samsung have proprietary operating systems and app stores which unfortunately make it difficult to develop and deploy app updates for these platforms.

For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to place our resources and our focus on more popular platforms for the time being (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS/tvOS, and Android).

At some point in the future we may be able to return to these platforms, but we don’t have any details on when that might be.

This is vey very sad news.

FWIW, I have an LG Oled (webOS) and a Roku Ultra, given the choice I prefer the Roku for accessing my Tablo. YMMV

Actually with all the streaming options I find that I don’t even use the LG remote that often. With the new Ultra the TV on/off and volume are on the Roku remote.

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Then you guys really should update this page: https://www.tablotv.com/apps-compatible-devices/

From a business PoV, I agree with your decision. But you need to clean up the Marketing ASAP.

The current LG & Samsung apps on the devices they’re available on now will continue to function and offer access to the screens and features they do today.

From a resource allocation standpoint, this is understandable, but also unfortunate. I appreciate the candor.

That said, my experience with orphan-ware is that once the R&D is shut off, I’m better off finding a more viable alternative than hanging on and excusing the faults in an unsupported or “maintenance mode” application. TiVo was a case in point: with the option to move to the “New Experience” or the older maintenance mode UI… and having to evaluate that move prompted me to seek out, evaluate, and utilize Tablo as a better solution for my OTA DVR needs. I’ll move over to the FireTV Stick on my LG (which I already have running on two other non-LG screens), but at that point the Recast will likely become my DVR system of choice.