Update disables app on Android TV

I noticed Saturday morning that the Tablo app had disappeared from all of my Nexus Players suddenly, and I also discovered that the app no longer shows as compatible with the Nexus Player in the browser version of Google Play. Going into settings to start the app manually doesn’t work, the only option is to force close it. Using a sideload launcher also doesn’t work as the Tablo app doesn"t show up.

I was all set to blame all of this on Google, but in looking at things this morning I notice that the Tablo Web App was updated on all of my devices on Friday to version 1.0.17 automatically.

- @tablosupport - what is being done to fix this? It is pretty clear that the app update broke things on the Nexus Player, or is it just a coincidence that the update and the issues happened at the same time and Google is to blame?

Already have a thread for this.  http://community.tablotv.com/discussion/2147/problems-on-nexus-player#latest

Already have a thread for this.  http://community.tablotv.com/discussion/2147/problems-on-nexus-player#latest

OK, but it was in the wrong category and I didn’t see it when I looked here.

Thanks, I fixed the category of the other thread.

Hi guys - on Friday for some reason the Google Play store marked all devices as incompatible. We’ve been working on a fix all weekend and are hoping to get this resolved soon. Tx for your patience. 

I just got an update for Tablo in the Nexus Player Play Store app and it resolves the problem for me. The app will sync again, and it will also download the video player again, even though it is the same version as before. Working as expected.

Excellent! Thanks for letting us know @arrowrand

The app has now reappeared.  And works as before.  Logging into the Play Store from a laptop still shows it as incompatible. So if you previously had it installed on your Nexus Player, you’re probably OK - New owners might have trouble.