UPDATE: Buying a 4 tuner today, question on HDD and Streaming (1st Impressions)

Getting ready to purchase our first it’s tuner. The 4 table DVR today. We want to get a Seagate backup plus slim 2TB external hard drive stdr2000101. Will that work with it?

Update:. Ive submitted my first impressions below in this thread. Please look and it as so far, very positive results.

That should work just fine. I had a 1 TB version of the backup plus slim when I first bought the two and half years ago, and it was great. But I did move up to a 4 TB drive (desktop version) when Tablo started supporting larger hard drives.

2 TB is still pretty large. I have 2.8 TB free on my newer hard drive over at least a year of use.

Thanks!!! How many videos can you record with 500 GB? 1TB? We are absolutely excited to purchase our today. We’ve been going between Tivo Romoia, ChannelMaster, etc… and this just made since. Especially the Chromecast support and Xbox One App.

Read this blog that explains the amount of disks space for the different recording qualities. https://www.tablotv.com/blog/choosing-right-tablo-recording-quality/

I do have mine set to the highest quality, and I still haven’t used half of my 4 TB drive yet.

I would not recommend using a Chromecast for the Tablo. It only works with Android tablets/phones and computers (will not work with iPad/iPhone), and it is the worst experience of all the devices. The Tablo folks are trying to make it better with an update, but it still may be many months till it is released.

I have all my chromecasts hooked up via ethernet cables. My entire house is fully wired for Cat6 and running a GB network. I hate having any device that does wireless for streaming.

I also have 2 FireTV Sticks also…


You’ll be disappointed if you are counting on Chromecast for your steaming device.

Chromecast might work well with Netflix, Hulu etc, but Not for Tablo.


What about FireTV Stick?

Not familiar with Fire Sticks I have 2-Roku 3s and 1-Roku 4 and 1-Nexus player. Happy with all of them


FireTV sticks work pretty well.

OK, I’ll have to test all my devices. I have a slew of media players in my house that I’m looking for to testing out tonight.

How long does the first initial process take? I’ve read it can take along time. I have close to a 1GB download and upload for my ISP.

To get guide data when it is first set up usually takes 30 minute to a couple of hours. I have never heard a good explanation on why it takes so long, but be patient with it.

Happy to report that I got the 4 tuner today. Also got the 2TB drive. Got it home, and installed it with no issues. I did it via a network cable. Used the PC to get it setup. Took about 40 mins to download 14 days of content for all my channel, about 40 of them.

Have already recorded 10 shows.

I’ve streamed live TV to my android tablets… pixel C’s with android 7.0. I streamed live TV to my Chromecast 2nd gen with Ethernet plug in which had about a 10 second load time but no issues after that. Did notice a small hiccup when watching a show live, the controls didn’t work from the tablet. This happened when I watched the live show, stopped it and came back to it, it kept rewinding to the first time i started the show and wouldn’t let me advance with the controls.

Tested out the Xbox One S (also network cable) app and it’s extremely fast. It’s pretty much instant with no lag or latency. Fast forwarding recorded shows or rewinding is instant. I just stopped a show and went to a live channel and it took about 5-6 seconds to start. Was able to pause and fast forward the channel and resume to live. Went back to recorded show and it load right back to where I left off and loaded instant. Fast forwarding commercials is also instant. Wished there was a 90 second button… Lol.

Have not tried fire TV stick yet (1st gen) but will test it out tomorrow. I’m going to setup off network test tomorrow after I open up the ports on my network.


I took my tablet (Pixel C) upstairs to bed with me like we normally do but instead of watching Netflix of repeat episodes that we’ve been doing for years, we tried out the Tablo app from Android (7.0). I used a Chromecast (2nd gen) with power Ethernet adapter that is on our TV in the room and was able to cast recorded shows to my it with no issues. The recorded show loaded in less than 2 seconds and I was able to drag around to certain spots in the show and it played instantly. Using the Fast forward option (30 second skip) was also instant. [Forgot how funny Night Court was]

So far, Chromecast is working the way it should but a bit better since its local and through the network cables and does not communication wireless. I would like to recommend that there is an option after watching a show to continue to the next show in a series if available to watch (if new) similar to when Netflix ends a shows and goes to the next show automatic after 30 seconds. I also recommend that you could fast forward to the next episode like Netflix does when the countdown is happening to quickly get to the next episode. So far, GREAT EXPERIENCE. I’ve got some more tests to do, this time, Fire TV Stick and our regular Xbox One. I’ll keep this thread updated with my progress.

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So, tested out the Windows 10 Tablo app from my computer (wired connection) and it loads good too. I noticed that when if you click on a TV SHOW - then a channel, the box art took between 1-3 seconds but after the initial load, it doesn’t do it anymore. So far, onward to the next tests.

Two occupants at my place and have never gotten past 35% usage on my 1TB HD. Bigger ain’t necessarily better just more costy if not really needed.

Ended up getting the 2 TB for $69. The 1 TB was $59. Couldn’t pass that up.

Same brand? Similar stats?
Then certainly worth the dif

Yep, same everything.