Unwatchable Recordings - A/V Synch Problem

We recently bought a Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR. It frequently records unwatchable recordings - usually the A/V is not synched and the program stops part way through. We have excellent reception. Please help!


What brand and size of harddrive are you using? Also, how do you know that you have excellent reception?

You didn’t say what the 5.1 surround sound setting is. What client your are using. Or what stops part way through means - does it mean exits the video player. Or if whole recording is there based on the amount of time/length indicated for the recording. Or if you are using an amplifier.

  • We ordered the Tablo unit less than one month ago.
  • We are using a WD 5TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive (USB 3.0).
  • We get excellent reception on our TV - we have a clear line of sight to the antenna array 10 miles east of us.
  • We are using the TV’s built-in audio. We are not using any sort of amplifier or sound bar.
  • Sometimes, recordings are fine. Other times, the video lags the audio and then the playback fails.
  • We are not using any sort of client. We are watching shows on our TV which is connected directly to our Tablo.

Did you disconnect your antenna from the TV and connect directly to the Tablo, or did you use a splitter to split the signal between both the Tablo and TV?

Doesn’t the HDMI model still have an audio setting? And for a recorduing that fails is the total time indicated in the recording correct is it short and match the amount of time played before play back fails? And does this happen for all recordings or only some. And if only some are the ones that “fail” playback associated with a specific channel(s).

I too have had this problem. There are times a recording before will be fine and then there is an A/V sync issue with the next recording then a recording right after if fine. All in a three hour window and on the same channel. It is not signal related. Thought it might be related to bad spots in the drive so I have left the shows so it don’t try to record there any more. The drive I’m using is the WD 1TB Elements Portable External. Would love to find out what the real cause of this is.