Unreliable REMOTE CONNECT?. - getting A connection to the Tablo servers could not be established

I am new to Tablo, only 14 days using it. I keep getting this message since last Friday. It goes on and off.
Has anyone experienced this since last month servers outage?
It looks Remote connect is unreliable

thanks to anyone who responds.

Are you saying while remote in an hour time frame it doesn’t connect on 1st attempt but then connects on 2nd? Or if it doesn’t connect do you have to go home again before it works again on the device?

What device are you using for remote viewing? Do you have an IP assigned to the Tablo?

I meant by on and off is that after a couple of ours I am able to connect remotely as if nothing had happened and works very well. But then it goes off for extensive number of hours (i have no access as of now).
I just keep trying every half an hour.
My roommate once rebooted for me and it worked right away once, but other than that I keep receiving the “unable to connect to Tablo servers, check your Internet connection error”.

I do not have and IP assigned to the Tablo, let me know if this would help. I have my Android cell phone and Fire Stick, both give error or work smooth at the same time when I do not get the error.

Thanks for replying

Definitely need to reserve an IP in your router for the Tablo.
After the IP is assigned verify the port forwarding is going to the right IP. Even though the Tablo has the ability to automatically set up the port forwarding in the router at times, I prefer manually setting the port forward. Rules out the chance of setting not being reestablished after reboot.

I forgot to mention I am using Wifi 5ghz connection from Verizon Fios.
Could I assign the IP with Wifi connection or should I use ethernet cable connection for this?

I don’t know anything about the Verizon equipment but either connection is fine for the IP assignment. If your router is close to your Tablo, I’d do Ethernet. Just keep in mind that the Wireless adapter and Ethernet adapter have different MAC addresses. So if you first go the wireless route then later move to wired you will need to make some changes in your router.

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@jrangelesp An Ethernet conection will generally give you better performance, but it’s not necessary. Your router should be able to create a DHCP reservation for the Tablo’s IP either way.

Dear community
After having my Tablo Connect working since March with Verizon Fios, It has just stopped and Tablo Support gave up on me.
I have set up static ip address DHCP, I have set up DMZ (using same static ip address) , I was able to set up port forwarding 21070 to 80 and 21017 to 8887 (as suggested by Tablo support).
Tablo Connect just stopped working 3 weeks ago. If i turn on/off the Tablo it works for 60-90 minutes and then it just stops working.
Tablo is indeed connected to the home Verizon Fios network, but remote access is lost.

Do you guys have any clue?. It looks AirTV should be a better less complicated answer for me to access my local channels away from home (I do not need sling suscription, but could give a try with the $50 coupon).

I do have screenshots of my configuration.

This is my last try before buying AirTv :frowning:

Thank you to eveyone that responds