Unlimited Cloud DVR

Any chance of cloud DVR becoming something more like YTTV, Sling, etc., where it’s not dependent on # of tuners? I have ehd, so not using cloud, but if I could record 3 or 4 shows and watch on 2 TV’s at once, would be great.

I’d pay $10/mo. for guide with something like that.

If you have a 4 tuner Tablo, you can already do that. You can record up to 4 shows and play back on up to 6 TV sets at a time.

Now that there is a fee for Cloud DVR, I don’t see any value in it. It’s uses up a lot more data on your internet plan, and buying a hard drive will save you money over this service very quickly. It also doesn’t support commercial skip.

I figured that, but would need to buy a Quad. Was asking if it could be more like YTTV, but probably not since Tablo would probably need to pay more to allow that.

YTTV and Sling don’t depend on the use of tuners to provide their content. OTA recording does require the use of a tuner and therefore you are limited to the number of tuners your Tablo has. The Tablo Duo can only record two programs at once regardless of whether it is to the cloud or to your hard drive.

I agree with @snowcat, buying your own hard drive will save you money in the long term. If you need to record more than two programs at once you’ll need either add a second Tablo or at least upgrade your existing Duo to a Quad.

Got it. I do have 2gb on my Dual. So if I buy a Quad, can the quad and dual be attached to same antenna? So I could use quad for just recording, and dual for wife to watch live? Be nice if both could use same ehd so either could access recordings.

They will be able to share the antenna, but not the hard drive.

As for the splitter for your antenna lead, it could cut down on the signal strength from your antenna enough to impact the signal quality to your Tablos. If that happens, a pre-amp near your antenna may help if you don’t already have one.

You’ll be able to access both Tablos, but you will need to switch between units. Whatever device you are using to access your Tablo will be able to disconnect from one unit and connect to the other unit. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see a combined list of all of your recordings.

If a passive splitter weakens your signal to much even with a pre-amp, a distribution amp/splitter should allow you to connect one antenna to two Tablos and multiple TV’s. I have one antenna with two Tablos and eight TV’s attached to it.

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The client I’m building allows for seeing/managing all of your Tablos on a single app, no disconnecting and re-connecting, shows, and recordings on all network Tablos, available in a single interface :slight_smile: