Unknown Error then Safe Mode

So for the last 2 days I get an error screen stating an “Unknown Error has Occurred” while trying to scroll down the live TV grid.

All I’m trying to do is the fundamental task of scrolling down the live TV grid to see what’s currently playing. For 2 days I haven’t been able to get more than half way down the grid.

I’m starting to wonder if Tablo should just eliminate the Live TV grid and advertise this unit as a recording/playback product only…

Here is a video:


So after a while I decided to reboot the Tablo to see if that would fix the problem. Normally the option on the settings page says “Reboot” but this time it said “Reboot into Safe Mode”. I selected the option, the Tablo rebooted, but now it has a box in the lower left corner saying “Safe Mode”. I have rebooted a couple of times, but the only option available is “Reboot into Safe Mode”.

I suppose it’s not a big deal, but why am I now stuck in Safe Mode (which doesn’t fix the original problem) ?

Does it do the same thing if using the pc/web interface? (I’m assuming the HDMI unit can be accessed this way)

It can’t unfortunately.

Unsupported Devices
Due to technical limitations, TV-connected Tablo DVRs cannot be accessed via:

Apple TV
Smartphones or tablets
Smart TVs powered by Samsung TIZEN or LG WebOS


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Just to update, this morning the Tablo was unresponsive. Just a solid black screen and pressing the remote buttons didn’t wake it up.

I unplugged the power and then plugged it back in. The unit came back up and the “Safe Mode” notice is gone.

I figured out a way to see what is currently playing. I watch the first show on the grid, then call up the channel overlay and then I can scroll up and down the guide.

I’m seriously considering buying an antenna signal splinter and using my old Channel Master DVR+ for live shows and the Tablo for recordings.

@SteveB do you have a Roku or Fire stick? Would be interesting to see if accessing the HDMI unit from those devices gives different results.

No I don’t, and I’m not sure those devices work with the DUAL HDMI.

I’m going to create a post in the General Discussion forum to describe my home setup and better understand if there is any way that a network connected system could work for me. There seem to be many more options using network connections.

Once Tablo DUAL HDMI is set up, simply download free Tablo apps on streaming set-top-boxes and Smart TVs running the following operating systems and connect to your Tablo DUAL HDMI DVR:

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV

For a list of supported devices and additional details, visit the TV-connected Tablo DVRs page.

Ahh, thanks - I stand corrected.

My Dual HDMI has been having the same symptoms for the last week. Is there an actual solution that fixes the problem yet?

The only “Solution” that I’m aware of is to watch the first channel available when launching the Live TV grid and then use the overlay guide (press the “Up” arrow) to scroll up and down through the channels.

Up to this point I’ve tried to be even tempered and constructive, but I am disgusted with Tablo and the Dual Hdmi. It is obvious that nobody did any beta testing on this product before releasing it and there is no excuse for selling such a shoddy product. I was a programmer for over 20 years and I can assure you that if I released such a garbled mess of coding to my customers I would have been fired. I regret purchasing the unit, and I wish that I had returned it during the 30 day trial period.

I’ve been looking at other alternatives and I will probably just bite the bullet and and accept that the money I spent on this piece of junk was wasted.

I have been having the exact same problem on my side:

  • i am using a tablo dvr with 4 tuners.
  • television is a sony X900f using android TV.
    When going thru the live tv guide on my tv, the same error occurs every time.

i do NOT get the error when going through the live tv guide using:

  • Nividia Shield
  • Using Chrome on a PC
  • Using Microsoft Edge on a PC
  • Using Safari on a mac book or ipad
  • uising the Tablo app. form the microsoft store

So, this error seems to happen only on the television

I am a new HDMI unit user and I spoke with a very nice Support rep (Lauren) on Friday. My hiccup was not like yours, but she immediately told to me go into SETTINGS, then scroll to ABOUT at the bottom, select and click OK on “Clear User Interface Data”. That fixed the hiccups I was having. She says this “fix” is like clearing the cache on computer, web browser, etc.

Yeah, I’m familiar with “clear user interface data” option. That menu option fixes about 50% of the Tablo software problems, but not the one that I specifically mentioned in this post.

But hey, batting 500 is pretty good in baseball…