Unknown Error - Internet Connection Not Found

Been rebooting my Tablo 3X-4X per day. Sometimes the Preview App won’t see the Tablo but the Regular Tablo App does see it, but doesn’t connect (does this rule out Signal issue). A recording will play for about 20 minutes and then get unknown error. Using app mainly on Firestick, however web based app on PC (using Chrome) has the same issue. Sometimes deleting the app and re-installing helps, but rebooting the Tablo nearly always works (for about 30 minutes). WTF? About ready to throw this piece of crap in the garbage.

How is your Tablo connected to your router? If WiFi, try hard wiring it.

What is the make and model of your router?

Using Wi Fi. Had outdoor antenna installed and didn’t want to drill another hole in wall to bring coax into room with router. Have Spectrum and router doesn’t seem to have a ‘brand name’ on it…only Spectrum. I will try to hook Tablo directly to router w/o antenna and see if I can play recordings without getting the Unknown Error.

was able to find router model it is
RAC2V1K Askey Wave 2

was able to get the Tablo to play recordings without any problems. I’ve also rebooted by router to see if that fixes the problem and went back to moving the Tablo in the other room (w/ antenna coax) and running wireless. So far so good for one hour. If this doesn’t clear up the error messages, wondering if a powerline Ethernet adapter could help. I could then use an Ethernet connection from the powerline adapter and have the tablo where it needs to be for an antenna connection

So how long did it work over the Ethernet connection with no issues?

Worked long enough to watch a movie last night and then again this morning. After rebooting router and connecting wirelessly again it worked for one hour then just got a Failed Video message, now it won’t play live TV

sounds like a wifi issue to me. If Ethernet works and WiFi is problematic, it’s usually the WiFi. I’ve never heard of that router. Is it old? I have Spectrum here and they use a Technicolor router. I’ve got Tablo in the basement, ethernet-connected, but all of my Rokus are connected wireless except one.
Can you tell if the Tablo is using 5Ghz wifi or 2.5GHz? And how far from the router is the Tablo? How many walls is the WiFi signal having to pass through?

It is just coming through just one wall 16 feet away. Now when I reinstall a Tablo Preview it doesn’t even see the Tablo. Been with Spectrum only a year. The router may be a left over Charter router. I’m using the 2.5Ghz. Don’t understand if a Wi Fi issues all of my other devices (2 Firesticks and 2 TV which are further away aren’t having issues) Unless the Wi Fi in the Tablo has crapped out.

Try switching the Tablo to the 5 GHz band.

Update: The tablo has now been working for 36 hours. On Saturday night I not only unplugged the Tablo, but also used the blue button for a reboot. I was deleted it from the PC app. I waited and waited to try to see the Tablo Signal to re-install, but it never showed up. I’ve had this issue multiple times where I can not see the wireless signal the Tablo is supposed to be broadcasting…wondering if this could be part of the issue. Finally the Windows App saw the tablo, reinstalled Tablo preview app on both Firesticks and it seems to be working. Today I’m getting the boxes that send the internet signal through the home wiring and I’ll use an ethernet cord coming from one of the transmitters to go directly to the Tablo. we’ll see if this works.

The router Spectrum gives you is not the best. I would get my own router and have them put your modem into “bridged mode” if you cannot do it yourself. That way the modem is just a modem and you can use whatever router you want. The new Mesh Routers with two or three stations placed around the house should fix all your wifi issues if you find the power line networking does not work well.

Hi, Tablo reached out to me and saw that I had multiple failed recordings and asked if I had some weak TV signals that I was trying to use in my lineup. I did have a few stations from 60 miles away that seemed to come in for a couple of hours each day. They had a duplicat “Decades” channel so my recording setup would try to record from this channel and fail. After removing these weak channels from my lineup, I haven’t needed to reboot the Tablo for over a week. Problem fixed??