Universal remote for roku

Since I’m new to all this , can someone tell me about a universal remote ?
I’m using two right now , my ROKU for channel changes etc., and my TV remote for volume control , and on/off ! Any suggestions would be welcome .

There is Free ROKU Remote app for your Android phone.

Works Great !


I would just add to this that on Android phones there is also Smart Remote (Peel Technologies) which can serve as a single remote that controlss on/off and volume and also controls the Roku. I don’t think the Roku Remote does not control the TV so you would still need the TV remote with the Android Roku Remote. That is not the case with the Android Smart Remote

I and many others use Logitec Harmony remotes. There are other less expensive brands that would work just fine if you are only controlling the Roku and TV. I would suggest paying Amazon a visit and read through the reviews of remotes in your price range. As cthompgh & jdoe mentioned Roku also offers a free remote app as well other app options…

I bought a universal RCA remote from BestBuy for $12. Controls my Roku, TV, Dvd.

I have a harmony but I think if your universal remote has been made within the last 5 years, you’ll be good - should have a Roku code to program it. The one disadvantage however is going from the Roku 3 RF to infrared signal. Basically you need to point the remote at the Roku - 3rd world problems!

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If you want a two device remote with a layout nearly as simple as the Roku’s there is the Audiovox RCRST02GR 2-Device Universal Streaming Remote for Roku, Apple TV, Sony.


If you can wait until December Sideclick will have its streaming remote add on ready.



One option is on KickStarter now, allows you to add a universal remote to the side of your streamers remote…

WalMart & Amazon both have a few universal remotes that work for Roku and 1 to 6 devices. I personally liked one from Amazon called “RCRST02GR 2-Device Universal Streaming Remote” as it is VERY basic, essentially JUST adding TV control to the Roku features.

Or just search for “Roku 3 device universal” or “4 device universal” etc. For however many you want to control.

My issue with those, however, is you lose the RF / Wifi remote capabilities of the Roku which is a deal breaker for me.

I did read somewhere that one of the newer Harmony remotes does offer an RF option as well but as I am looking for SIMPLE, none of the Harmony remotes fit for me.

I saw that but I have more than a TV plus one device I want to control.

TV = Inputs
Sound Bar = Volume

For this you cannot beat the Harmony Remotes.

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This backlit remote from Inteset is pre-progammed for Roku and has shortcut buttons to Netflix Crackle and Pandora.

Inteset INT-422

Hey artabraham,
This remote looks REALLY GOOD! Especially for the price.

Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote

I have a fairly basic setup in my den that I like to keep simple for WAF reasons. A 32 inch Samsung TV, an LG sound bar and a ROKU 3. I wanted a “minimalist” remote that would turn on/off the TV, control the sound bar volume and have ROKU controls. I found this one and it works. There is no need to enter codes, it can learn the on/off and volume control functions directly. The ROKU functions are pre-programmed. If you need a tv input button any of the buttons can be overwritten with new commands.