Unforseen Result of Schedule Change

Here’s what happened… I was recording an episode of Married With Children and I noticed that I had too many episodes of that show already recorded, so I decided to remove its schedule. Thinking it would continue to record the current show and then record no more. WRONG! It immediately stopped recording the show at the halfway point (approximately) and started to record the next show from the queue… so I got the 2nd half of Blue Bloods (well actually the last 3/4’s of it).

I dislike this behavior. Both recordings are useless… i.e. incomplete.

Also, I would like to see 2 other things (feature wise):

  1. When resolving recording conflicts… it would be extremely nice if there was a 1 button override… that when pushed would force the recording of the requested show. Instead of making me manually cancel 10 shows from the queue (or how many ever there are waiting for this time slot).

  2. One can move shows to the bottom of the queue manually by cancelling the schedule for the show, then re-scheduling it. This forces the Tablo to move it to the bottom of the queue (since it operates on a 1st scheduled, 1st recorded basis). But there is no easy way to move shows up in the queue (or really to even see the current order of the shows in the queue). So I would like to see a display of which shows are above and below a selected show, and 2 buttons that would move the show up or down in the queue. Of course, the really nice solution to this would be a graphical ordering of the show icons by queue position, then allow the user to rearrange them, sort of like the way that the Roku allows rearrangement of channel icons. Seems like more work, but it is a superior solution, IMHO.

I am not sure why you would think that deleting a schedule wouldn’t go into effect immediately. That is working as intended. And since you resolved a conflict by doing so, the Tablo is supposed to record the next show (it has no way of knowing whether you resolved the conflict at the very beginning, the very end, or somewhere in between).

Also, I would encourage you to not have so many conflicts. Resolve it when you schedule it. Scheduling so many shows for one time slot is asking for trouble.


I agree. I resolve all scheduling conflicts prior to the shows starting, not while airing.

As well with the new Quad, the hope would be conflicts are rare as recordings more than 4 shows at once is slightly excessive lol

When searching

for conflict - and there’s a lot, this is not a new subject, no one has ever mentioned too many (10) scheduled shows to clear out!

Not as concerned about the schedule conflict as much as the laborious clicking the image multiple times to cancel.

But tablo works across multiple devices and apps. Focusing resources on one, which has limitations elsewhere

Note: The Roku does not currently support initial setup of your Tablo

They’ve already implemented Commercial Skip to save you the tap-tap-tap to avoid thumb strain. :poop:

I am sure you are 100 percent correct. Which probably means that I should not go further with Tablo.

It does not matter which device you use, the GUI for Tablo should operate the same across all, as far as I am concerned. They should choose the best approach and use it on all clients.

You can only pound so much capabilities through brightscript API’s. And that could also be said for Fire OS , IOS, and HTML.

Plus tablo apps have two different engines and thus underlying protocols. So capabilities can be different until all the new features catch up across all the app’s.

But if you shouldn’t go any further. Good luck with whatever product you land on.

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Well, I thought that way because there is a difference between a recording in-progress, i.e. ALREADY scheduled, a past event, and a change to the schedule meant to affect future events. Yes, the schedule change should take effect immediately, but no, I don’t think that should affect past scheduled events (that might be in-progress).

Yes, it is probably working the way it was intended, I just don’t like it, and the behavior is not what I am used to experiencing from other DVRs… If I want to cancel an in-progress recording, that seems simple enough to do - don’t need to change the future schedule to do it.

Stopping an in progress recording is simple. You either go to the recordings section and delete or the grid and delete it. Some app’s ask to stop before deleting.

You are definitely correct. But you know what, I don;t schedule by time slot. I look for shows I like and I request that the DVR record them. Somebody at the TV station decides when they are going to be aired. Out of my control. So I live in a market with lots of good shows, that I like, all on at the same time. One of the main things I like about DVRs is their ability to record a lot of these shows. And yes, I could easily use a 6-tuner or even an 8-tuner DVR. Right now I own 3 DVRs, 2 of the 2-tuner variety and 1 of the 4-tuner models. So far, not enough. There is no such thing as having too much choice in what to watch. Its how Netflix is a success… by having lots and lots of choice. Choice is a good thing for a business (any business) to offer.

But it does matter. Your concerns as to how they should operate vs the reality how they do may never coexist.

They may be using the best approach from a business view.

You could be correct. I do not know what is right or wrong for their (Tablo’s) business. I only know what I like… the rest makes no difference (to me). They either take my suggestion or they reject it. Does not make any difference to me (unless, of course, they cease operations, a la Playstation Vue… then naturally it would make a difference).

I know. However, it was not my intention to stop ANY recording. That side effect caught me totally by surprise - none of my other DVRs do this.