Unexpected Split Recordings

Had an odd issue with my Quad yesterday. The Quad was setup to record two 1 hour shows (both at the same time), recordings were fine but both were split into 2 chunks (40mins & 20 mins). I understand that a bad signal can cause this, but the weather was absolutely clear. And there was no power loss that I can see. Given the clear weather and no power loss I don’t understand what could have caused this behavior. Any ideas?

The only time I’ve ever seen this behavior (happens only very rarely) is when a severe storm passes through the area, but this was definitely not the case this time.

An airplane can disrupt the antenna. So can a passing truck. The weather affecting OTA is not only the weather around your immediate area but the weather around the broadcast towers. A lot of stations are changing their antennas due to the repack; in my area ABC has been intermittently interrupted as the antenna crew works. Two summers ago, I experienced OTA disruption for two hours one day as a crew worked on some electrical equipment (transformers and cables) on my street.

They can change antenna and more importantly the transmitter.

There was a local translator that not only changes it’s transmitter but also realigned it’s contour map coverage.

Good points, thanks for the input. I’ll check tonight if the 2 stations share the same tower.

I get this on occasion, I also live about 40 miles or so from the towers …

Another possibility is a reboot for some reason. Unfortunately since the uptime isn’t available the only way to see if this is the case is to let Tablo support look at the log files.

Not the same towers, so it looks to be a random reboot.

I had issues with my Tablo dual LIte, worked great for a few weeks, then random reboots - segmented recordings. Support “claimed” my HD was going bad. Tried a different one, same problem. All test showed no problem with first drive, transferred files - no drive issues, exported show via tablo - no drive issues.

I factory reset (not recommending) connected first drive and worked as expected since Oct.

Another possibility, a difficult to determine generic tablo drive issue.