Understanding what the 4 tuner can do and not do

I am new to looking at OTA DVRs.
The 4 tuner says up to 6 devices for streaming.

Does that mean 4 devices can watch 4 separate live channels and 2 could watch pre-recorded shows at once? or???

Thanks for the clarification

Sure, but you have to account for scheduled show being recorded - I believe they get priority over watching line TV. But they could watch something already recorded in that case. Six stream watching and 4 recording, as I understand, but not absolutely certain with 4tuner.

This is true is the Tablo is connected via ethernet to your network (it doesn’t matter if the clients are wired or not). If the Tablo is using wifi, the device limit is 3.

Watching recorded shows doesn’t take a tuner, while recording or watching live tv does. I have had 6 devices watching shows at the same time, so it does work.

As you pointed out connectivity makes a difference (now I know it sets limits). Even if it allows X devices depending on recording quality and network topology* your ability to have an enjoyable experience may very. This would be unique to each individual setup.


can’t remember last time I used network topology in a sentence or a conversation

I will say that I have max quality settings on my 2 tuner, and playing 6 shows on my Tablo is not an issue. I would like to try more, but I would need more people in my house.

I thought the tablo maxed out at 6 devices (aka streaming show) not necessarily people watching the show… what will all the people in your hose do?

See if your tablo will let 60 people watch 6 different shows at once!! Well, they don’t have to be different shows, just different devices. And try mixing the number of people per show to see if that matters
…as pointed out elsewhere, it seems I have a sad, boring life - sorry for any inconvenience.

Isn’t the maximum number of output streams dictated/specified by the xcode processor to be six?

Prior to the Quad wasn’t the ethernet port limited to 100 Mbps?

The Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR, Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR and the Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR still are.

I only watch 1 at a time myself, only recall hearing/reading 6 as max devices - found this old article pointing out depending on your networking simultaneous could be limited