Understanding how Tablo works

Is this how Tablo works?

The Antenna picks up the signal and passes it to the Tablo device
The Tablo device sends it to your internet router
Your internet router sends the signal up to the internet to the Tablo router
The Tablo router sends it back down to the your internet router
Your internet router sends the signal to the Roku device
The Roku device sends the signal to the TV

If this is true then the sending of the signal up to the internet is the bottleneck since upload speeds are the slowest.

Negative Ghost Rider!

Antenna signal is passed to the Tablo since it’s directly connected to the Tablo. The slowness is not because the signal/video is being passed outside your network, it’s because the Tablo is transcoding it from MPEG2 to H.264 before starting playback, which is the reason for the the delay when initiating the watching of live TV.

I for one am fine with that because it also means it is being transcoded into a format that can be played back on almost any device.

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Exactly WHAT is recorded on the HDD?

Only the recorded programs?

Recorded programs along with the Schedule information?

If the HDD was replaced, do you lose the Scheduling info.?

Thank you very much.

@Lyddon Just the recorded programs. The scheduling and channel lineup information (this is essentially what makes up the ‘database’) is all stored locally on the Tablo. You could switch drives, and you wouldn’t lose your scheduled data.

Very good! Thank you! … …
Now, by using a The TabloRipper, could I, at any time (taking the New system disk to a controlled - non recording mode), Plug the Old & New drives into PC and ADD the Old programs to the New drive & plug back into Tablo when done? … … …

I’ve tried to find out if it works under Win.10… Do you know if it does?

Sort of. You can’t copy just the programs (using TabloRipper). You need to actually copy the drive itself. There’s instructions on this forum for how to do it, but you need some fairly low level OS tools to do it.

Just ask your neighbor, who likely knows Linux for help. If not, try the neighbor on the other side. The process is very simple. If you’re Linux saavy, just boot up a Linux (boot from USB or CD is fine) and then you can copy drive paritition yourself from one drive to the other.

About the only gotcha would be change in sector size. So make sure old drive and new drive can agree on that.

Since Tablo is a Linux-based system, doing this via Windows can seriously corrupt the database so we wouldn’t recommend it.

@TabloTV It will come in real handy if Tablo can enhance to support the seamless transfer of the data from the old to new drive, by utilizing the second USB port. I can imagine that many people use a relatively small hard drive just to get started and would probably need expansion sooner or later.

Actually, initially Tablo only could support devices up to 2TB. The introduction of larger drive support is relatively new. Therefore there could be even be more interest just for that reason.

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Is there a way to SAFELY do it?

… or, is The Disk Copy (TabloRipper) the only Safe way to do it?

TabloRipper is just a way to extract recordings off your Tablo to your PC or media server. It cannot be used to migrate a Tablo set of recordings from one drive to another.

That CLEARS up a very muddy picture! :slight_smile:

Thank you…

I guess there is NO WAY to SAFELY move one Tablo Drive data to another Tablo Drive.

Oh well…

I’ve had my balloons popped before… :slight_smile: :smiley:

Like I said before, it is “safe” just need to use Linux to do the work and make sure you have same sector sized drives, etc.

Let me add, need somebody that isn’t a Linux newbie.

… and I am a Linux Newbie… :slight_smile:

I guess I am used to Programs being developed where you don’t have to be an OS expert to get the job done… aka Friendly Program Design… Set the job up & push the Go Button to get the job done…

Thank you for your enlightenment.

Which is certainly why this is oft requested (missing) feature.


It doesn’t sound like it would be all that hard to do… No need to get Fancy…
Make it known to clean up the old disk first, deleting recordings not wanted anymore, etc. BEFORE running the simple program to Copy remaining recordings to the Main disk!

To me this operation is YELLING to be done and is REALLY NEEDED very badly!

Maybe a little more SQUEAKING the wheel will get it done? :slight_smile: :smiley:

Afterthought: Tablo, share your (Tablo) programming tools with me and I will write it for you! FOR FREE!