Undelete a deleted recording


Is there a way to add an undelete option to recover a recording that was deleted by accident?
Or, is there a way to ‘move’ deleted recordings to a trash folder but stay until the ‘trash’ is taken out?



No, unless someone has command level undelete for this type of file… but I like your thinking



We’ve had a few requests over the years for a ‘trash’ bin (usually because someone found themselves in the doghouse for deleting something they shouldn’t have), but it hasn’t filtered to the top of the ‘to-do’ list because other features have always been deemed more important.


Wish it was being pursued since I just deleted a show by mistake!


You know after becoming very comfortable with this feature for over a decade with the cable co. that owns a peacock, I would call this more of a feature set enhancement that the competition certainly has embraced. So instead of downplaying the idea by intimating that the customer’s desire for this feature isn’t important enough, why not talk about the the process required to move this from the ideation to the first stage-gate. (that being investigation and cost analysis). You really should set a goal or threshold in terms of customer interest for turning new ideas into new features and be happy to share these conversations with the herd.

Thanks for listening,


This could get complicated…

Does auto delete, really delete? Or does it go into a space taking holding space until some other action is done? Will there be a way to truly delete (for space savings)? Would that be a different option? How does “trash” holding space management happen?


Tablo is very involved with their community so one thing I would caution is assuming they are making a “dig” at the customer. It looks like you are a fairly new forum user and just may not be aware but the community is pretty outspoken as to what features they are looking for and Tablo even does periodic user surveys to get customer feedback so it’s just a matter of prioritization. I think they just stated the reality of the situation.

While I don’t argue that an undo function might be useful, at least for me that’s pretty low on the list for things I would like to see implemented (parity with the filters among ALL apps hint hint) or fixed.


You know you’re right I am new to the forum and have had my Tablo only since last fall. And it’s true that being a newber here I don’t have a feel for the culture so apologies for a bit of misinterpretation. I know there’s commitment on the manufacturer’s part otherwise we all wouldn’t own a Table. I’ll be skimming and scanning the other topics and I’m sure I’ll get a proper feel for the environment. Thanks for the clarity and the kind nudge towards better communication.



Auto-delete would throw in the trash.

The only reason anything would disappear is because the disk filled up, in that case it should throw away the oldest thing in the trash (or possibly the oldest 50% of the trash). If the trash is empty then it would destroy the oldest unprotected recording. There probably would also have to be an empty-trash button. The display of disk usage probably should not count the trash.

I’m unsure if the Tablo will work well with the disk almost full, if so then possibly it should throw away things from the trash much earlier.


I can tell you (I bet you already know) the “raw” disk structure as


wide speculation here, the /del is for auto delete or what some may call trash? No idea, I’ve never used it. (Actually haven’t deleted show, was letting trying to see how much space shows would take up and issues with my drive)


Well, just accidently hit delete all instead of delete watched. Lost half a season​:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:
Came to see if happened to have undelete…
Adding my vote for this feature!!!
Undelete, undo, or trash concept any would help. Or would settle for a confirm for the all options. might be annoying but would settle for that. Or :bulb:maybe only double check if any unwatched are in the ones being deleted. That might be pretty easy change… hope you will consider!! Thanks


Which app were you using? The delete all button should have a confirmation window before it actually deleted everything.


Ok I just checked the iOS app does have a confirmation screen when you hit delete all. You must give you permission by hitting OK to the warning message on the screen.

However, the Roku does not have a confirmation when you hit delete all. With the Roku though when you hit “Delete…”, the default selection is “Cancel”, then you actively have to hit the up arrow to either select “Delete Watched” or “Delete All”, and then hit OK. That’s a pretty good UI design, it would take 4 clicks on the Roku remote to actually delete all.

4 “accidental” clicks is quite hard to accomplish. I for one don’t want more clicks when trying to erase a show.


I have roku and actually assuming cancel is the rub. The cancel there is good if i hit delete by mistake. But after that if you want to delete watched which is what i was going for, i clicked up to get to delete watched but accidently went 2 clicks and was on delete all when i hit ok. Have been careful as still new, but have done the delete watched many times before so automatically hut that ok before noticing it was not ok! and i couldn’t take it back! For me, i rarely (naybe once) have deleted things that i have not watched at all, sometimes i delete those where added extra time so looks like not fully watched but think it would unusual for people to be deleting entirely unwatched. By and large i am deleting watched by default and would appreciate an “are you sure” if what i am deleting has not been watched. I also have android app maybe will check if that has the confirm since you say ios does. Thanks fir that mention. Would be more inconvenient as i am using roku at time but may be safer.

Would ask if someone would have objection to that extra confirm to roku when deleting an only partially watched or totally unwatched program?

Don’t want to get in back and forth about good enough or style in ui design but just was thinking further on how what ifs and how others might use… i too hate extra clicks, but hate more having one slip of a click taking out my careful work and what i wanted to watch. In this case the consequence of mistake is high so that in my mind overrides the extra click. But can mitigate that i think for watched programs. If program was watched the consequence may be lower. I can imagine cases where 2 people may want to watch. In that case the first can mark it unwatched or permanent.


Put my vote in for adding this featre. Been convincing my better half to watch Tablo instead of streaming local and was doing pretty good until today when she accidentally deleted a show she hadn’t finished.