Undefined channel


I received my 2-tuner Tablo last week. I got everything up and running easily and the guide worked well and I was able to schedule several recordings. Everything worked great. I then purchased the lifetime guide subscription, and whether or not it’s related, shows are not showing correctly when I select them from the prime time or live view areas. I will see one instance of the show listed, but also another instance of the same thing that says channel - (). Clicking on that, it says channel undefined. Sadly, if I select record new shows, the undefined channel is automatically selected and the show doesn’t record. I have rescanned channels and downloaded the guide again as troubleshooting steps. I’ve also tried different browsers (explorer, edge, chrome), as well as the iPad app. I have 23 channels in the guide. I’m just using an indoor bowtie antenna (from the fifties), but signal is strong and quality is good.

If I’ve uploaded it correctly, here’s a picture of the problem. Any ideas?


Do the channel scan process again. First, unselect all channels and let it update, then scan and select the channels you do want and let it update. This will usually fix any guide data issues you’re having.

If that doesn’t fix it, let us know if it’s only some channels with guide issues, or all of them.

I actually have the same exact issue. I am in the process of doing what you said, but if you unselect them all, you can’t update. So right now I selected one and see what will happen.

I currently have the issue with all channels. Just happened over weekend when i was reposition antenna and multiple rescans.

no, go. The tablo failed, lost connection. I reset and got connection back. I still have same issues. Here is one of my views, scheduled recordings look a little different, but most look like this from Chrome.

Other times I get view just like webeye. Other times it says no data (or something like that), sometimes I get the title multiple times, same date and time.

I did enter a ticket yesterday.

@stockflyer Thanks for sending this over to the team; we should be in touch shortly.

I just submitted a help ticket for this. I have the same issue with multiple channels that no longer exist showing as undefined. Mine are D.C. channels that I removed due to not receiving good reception. Did a fix ever come out for this? I am guessing they may have to do some type of reset on Tablos end? Updating the guide data, power cycling, and resetting didn’t fix it.

So it looks like this may clear itself up. When I look at upcoming shows now for the new updated 2 weeks the last week doesn’t include the undefined channels anymore (D.C. channels). now only Baltimore channels! Looks like starting Sunday 10/22 the old data for D.C. channels are no longer there.