Unauthorized or block content

Bring up Big Brother house. Getting a blue screen with a message reading unauthorized blocked content anyone else having this problem

Not me… Big Brother worked well tonight. If I ever have an issue, I catch the show online as a backup, but it’s been a long time.

That can be the result of a loose HDMI connector or a HDMI cord going bad. May relate to HDCP content regulation by HDMI protocol. An occasional glitch can cause that.

The end device playing your content (e.g. Roku playing Netflix, Amazon, Tablo) handshakes with your TV (possibly traversing a home theater unit) attempting to protect the program content from unauthorized duplication. If something happens to that authenticated connection (e.g the loose HDMI connection described above or a power glitch or a software bug), the message you saw is presented, indicating you’re a horrible thief and the electronics are protecting the world from your evil attempts. :wink: Actually it’s nearly always a false alarm, but I won’t get into the politics of copy protection. The corrective action is to check your HDMI cables to ensure all is properly connected and in good condition, then reboot / power cycle the end device (e.g. Roku, Shield, Fire Player). After booting, the device should handshake again with the TV and you should be able to view the content.


^ We’ve seen this behaviour before as well. This appears to be the most common cause for these kinds of errors.