Unable to use mobile app

I am unable to use the mobile app. I have to start from the beginning and when I get to the WiFi part, it asks me to select the Tablo WiFi. That is not an option. Has anyone else run into this problem?

If there isn’t a wireless SSID showing, then more than likely you’re out of range.

I can use one of my WiFi selections, but Tablo WiFi is not an option.

If I’m reading this right, you’ve already set up your Tablo, but cannot connect to it from your phone?

That’s right. Tablo works on all tv’s. It’s the app that doesn’t work

First off, make sure that your phone is on the same network that your Tablo is. If on, turn off your VPN. Any lucky?

If not, I would try a simple reboot of the Tablo itself. Press the small round button on the bottom once, quickly (do not hold it down) and wait a few minutes. See if your phone catches it now.

If it’s not, I would then uninstall the mobile app, reboot the phone, then reinstall the app. If that doesn’t work…

I know you’ don’t want to hear it (no one does, it’s nothing personal) but I would try an entire network reboot.

I’m listing these in order of less annoying to do to most annoying, but it’s up to you to try it in whatever order you’d like. If you are recording something, know that a reboot of the Tablo will stop what’s recording. Obviously, if you’re currently recording on a FAST station, rebooting the modem & router will screw that up as well.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Thank you for all of your suggestions. All of these have been suggested by Tablo, and I have tried all of them with no luck.

I can’t get past where it says to go to settings and select Tablo_XXXX WiFi. It’s never been an option in my WiFi settings.

You won’t see that option once your Tablo is already on your home network.

It sounds like you are trying to do first-time setup vs. just logging in.

You should select ‘I have a Tablo account’ vs. ‘I’m new to Tablo’ on the first screen.

I signed out and signed in and selected that I already have an account and it went right back to the WiFi debacle.

Is your Tablo on wifi or ethernet?

So you didn’t see a screen that said, ‘Your Tablos’ that will allow you to connect to the Tablo on your network?

Perhaps if you did see that screen you selected ‘Add another…’ instead of selecting your existing Tablo?


I have the T-Mobile gateway for my WiFi. If I connect the Tablo to the gateway by Ethernet, will the other tv’s still connect by WiFi?

I did that and it still jumps to the WiFi section! If I hook up my T-mobile WiFi to the Tablo by Ethernet cable and try to sign in that way, will I still have Tablo on my other tv’s?

I was going to try one more time, so when I opened the app it had my Tablo device id and I tapped on it and now the app is working!