Unable to tune or get signal lock

Just 1 channel has this problem… just channel 7.

Did a channel rescan, channel 7 comes up with 5 green circles, it’s not a reception problem.

When I click on another channel it works (i.e. channel 9), then I click on another channel (i.e. channel 5) it works, then I come back to channel 7 (which doesn’t work) and get a different error message "Unable to start nv_rec to watchLive"

This has been going on since last night. Can’t watch channel 7 live, last night we had a storm though… oddly enough something recorded on channel 7 last night, I took a look, quality looks OK. I just can’t view it realtime?

Using Chrome and phone browswer, if it matters.

Not really fair to say its NOT a reception problem.  there could be a bug in the signal application code (green dots that show up) which is inaccurately reporting the availability of the channel…

prolly need @TabloSupport to look at it.

@PIX64 I’m pretty sure it’s not a reception problem…

1. When I set my recording last night (while I couldn’t watch live), I thought I was going to see a red exclamation on the show after it was over (because I couldn’t tune live (still can’t)). But to my surprise there was a play button (instead of an exclamation mark), and when I click it, it plays fine.

2. I just tried watching off my phone, got a DIFFERENT error message (“Unable to tune to channel. This is usually caused by poor reception”), instead of clicking on the channel number, I clicked on the show and hit record. Waited 1 minute, went to my recording, clicked play and the recording from 1 minute ago plays fine.

But I can’t tune live to channel 7 since last night, but two recordings look like there is no reception problem?

To make it even more interesting, and to test repeatability:
1. I deleted the recording from right now.
2. I hit play, can’t tune poor reception blah blah blah
3. Hit the show name, hit record
4. Didn’t even wait for 1 minute, right away went to live TV and I AM able to watch Channel 7 live.
5. Hit delete on the recording (so it would stop recording)
6. Right away went to live TV and I am NOT able to watch Channel 7 live AGAIN!

Hi @Max - send me a ticket at Support@Tablotv.com - if you can, include your MAC address. Specifically the last 4 digits. Your MAC address can be found on the bottom of your Tablo, it usually looks something like this: 5087B800XXXX.

Done, thanks! @TabloSupport

Yeah @Max that’s some oddddddd behavior for sure. Interested to know what @tablosupport figure s out

Update, TabloSupport said they’re looking into it, but in the meantime:

Channel 9 is 5 circles, and works fine on the TV. When
I go to Tablo LiveTV, Channel 7 doesn’t work (that’s fine, see below), but channel 9 now
doesn’t work either! Same error as Channel 7 was giving me before.

So I did a channel rescan [again], Channel 7
reception is poor (unlike before), and I obviously can’t watch it on the TV either
(I have an active splitter, one side to the Tablo one side to the TV). Channel 9 has 5 bars AND I can watch it on my TV, but not through Tablo…

So I did a reset and cleared my cache, and… everything works fine for now (I’m guessing it’s the reset, because it works on both my phone and computer browsers).