Unable to switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi

Need to switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi. Have had Tablo an number of years and done this before. Power off, disconnected Ethernet cable enabling Wi-Fi. Ran app, connected to temp Tablo Wi-Fi Tablo.xxx, selected desired Wi-Fi, entered password. Received message it was successful. Wait for solid blue light. IT NEVER BECAME SOLID. Tried numerous times. Gave up, turned off and plugged Ethernet in. Came back to solid blue. Anyone seen this? Hardware failure with Wi-Fi? Had this a few years. This and their dropping of commercial skip I may revert back to FireTV Recast.

So you have followed these instructions exactly and are still having an issue?

Yes, have done this a number times previously. Performed step by step, worked exactly as expected. Accepted Wi-Fi log in, password, said completed successfully then rebooted. NEVER returned to solid blue light. Powered off, plugged in Ethernet cable, solid blue light. Guessing hardware failure ……,

This doesn’t sound like a hardware failure based on your results; usually if there was a problem here, you wouldn’t be able to make it through all of the steps of the WiFi setup. That said, our team can setup a session with you to confirm the nature of the issue. If you’re still getting the same results, don’t hesitate to send our support team a ticket.