Unable to remote connect, port 80 Blocked by ISP (Vidéotron)

I was just wondering if anyone was able to remote connect with Vidéotron? I called support, and they “kinda” admitted that they do block it. If noting can be done, which ISPs available in Gatineau, Qc, would allow me to use the remote connect feature?

works for me with videotron on remote connect, I doubt the port being blocked has anything to do with your ISP, it might be in your own router configuration

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Thanks for the info. I am using a Zyxel emg2926 router provided by videotron. I tried setting it up manually, but I get an invalid port message. I must be doing something wrong then. I am no networking expert.

Thank to jayeffgee, Tim from the Tablo support Team, and a few hours spent online trying to figure it out, I can now remotely access my Tablo. It actually works fine with Vidéotron, but I did have to configure the whole thing manually and I was doing that wrong. Should anyone need help to configure their Zyxel EMG2926 routers, I’ll be glad to help. Je peux aussi vous aider en français.


I often see/hear of issues for incoming port TCP/80. Routers often trap the traffic for their own management console that is web based. Years ago they used to give you a hard time if you ran any service (SMTP, mail, web, ftp, etc). It would be pretty surprising if anyone nowadays would attempt at blocking ports. Throttling on the other hand… VideoEtron does not like IPTV, I can tell you that.

J’ai exactement le même problème que toi!
Peux-tu m’aider, pour l’instant je ne fais que rediriger le port 8080 dans mon routeur vers le 80.
Quelle méthode as-tu utilisé?