Unable to reliably record shows

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The EPG in the region (I’m in Kanata as well) switches some shows that I am trying to record, to their French title. I have another antenna connected to the ATSC tuner of my TV, and compared the guides (so the OTA guide with the one on the Tablo) but see some discrepancies.

My device can’t continue recording The Blacklist, if all of sudden it believes it’s La Liste Noire that plays on 6-1 CIII-HD. As if it confused channel 9-1 CBOFT-D.

I am still in the trial period. Once it is over, will the EPG be strictly downloaded via OTA and therefore possibly remove this issue?

What if I remove internet access to it, would I be able to get the guide OTA and still watch the stream by directly pulling the streams from the Tablo using its built-in SSID ?


Hey there! If you can send this over to our support team along with your MAC address on the bottom of your Tablo, we’ll get this sorted out with our guide data provider.