Unable to play live stream

I finally found a new problem and I hope @TabloTV can fix it. On my Galaxy S7 if i open Tablo app and accidently press on the home button and Tablo exits, i am unable to stream live channel for some time (have not timed it). I was trying to take ascreen shot .

What if you close the app on the S7 and re-open it? Exiting to the home button doesn’t close the app on the phone.

I tried some things tonight. Unable to play live stream on Tmobile LTE and I disabled my binge on. Trued on WIFi and it works, so that to me means it is something with Tmobiles network or the LTE part of the phone.

Interesting. @beastman, was the first test you tried (in your first post) on your local network?

Yes it wad on my local network. I switched back and forth. Each time on LTE=fail, on wifi worked.

This morning at work LTE=bar on right and wifi at work=normal.

I left Tablo in heartbeat mode.

@beastman Thanks; we grabbed some logs.

I just tested on T-Mobile LTE with my Nexus 6P. I am able to get a live stream. It did fail on the first try then worked ok. I was able to get a live stream to my phone. Not sure if that helps or not.

I got it live on 62.3 on aLTE. Then exited, tried agail and got unabr to play live stream error.

Disclaimer- beta software in Tablo

After I tested some more I did get some failures too, but it worked more than it failed for me.

Since i have an old unlimited data plan, i turned my binge on off that might be part of the problem wn it was on.

Cool, I have the unlimited plan too. The deal was too good to pass up. I noticed mine was on a while back too and turned it off.

Tood some pictures of some problems and Mathew and David are working on it.

I just updated my Android a couple days ago, but still not N. Do you also have Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge by any chance?