Unable to connect to Tablo using iPad

I have two Tablos, have been using them for over a year, working fantastic. However all of a sudden I cannot access my Tablos using my iPad in order to update firmware. I didn’t really do anything different. I do have three Wi-Fi routers, the Tablo is connected to one of them. not sure if I need to connect to the same Wi-Fi router, they are all on the same network. When I open the app on my iPad it just says “searching for Tablos”.
I did click on the “add via Wi-Fi” link. It tells me to look for a Wi-Fi network called “Tablo_XXX” but I don’t see that type of network listed, but do see my other three routers listed. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for any help.

Do your 3 WiFi routers use different IP addresses? Or in there one unit that serves as the DHCP server?

They have different IP addresses

When you say different IP addresses do you mean different subjects? Like 192.168.1.xxx, 192.168.2.xxx, 192.168.3.xxx?

No. They all are 192.168.1.xxx

Okay sorry correction, I think they may all have the same IP address. When I connect to each router, I look at Wi-Fi settings on my iPhone, I click the "i " next to the router, it says “IP address”
Then it says for “router” IP address “” and says the same thing to matter which router I connect to. So I assume that means that all of my routers have the same IP address? Sorry I’m pretty clueless with Wi-Fi

BTW I can still watch TV on my Roku and Fire TV via Tablo with no problems.  They are connected via ethernet cable.  Just cannot connect with my iPad or iPhone via WiFi.  So looks like the WiFi connection is what is not working. 

Yes this is likely a networking issue.

Can you please tell me the make and model of all your routers? And how they are all connected.

Okay I really appreciate the help!!!

Netgear N150 model number WNR1000 v3

AT&T 2wire i38HGG

Motorola NVG589

The Tablo is directly connected via ethernet to the Netgear router.
All three of the routers are connected to each other via ethernet.
My fire TV and Roku are connected to the Motorola router.  Also this is the main router to which my incoming Uverse internet signal comes.
The 2wire is connected directly to my desktop PC.

Can you connect the iPad to the WiFi on the Netgear router?

What is the make and model of your modem? Which router is directly connected to the modem?

The Motorola is a modem with a built-in wireless router. And yes I can connect to that just fine with my iPad.
I can also connect to the netgear router with my iPad via Wi-Fi. I can really connect to all three routers, just not to the Tablo. I am not certain why that is.

I can connect to all three routers via Wi-Fi on my iPad without problem. And also the Tablo works fine playing movies on my Roku and my fire TV. However when I open my Tablo app on my iPad it just says “looking for Tablos”. Same thing with my iPhone. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app’s. I have also reset both of my Tablos.

Did you reboot all your routers yet?  Netgear routers seem to have a problem with iPads and the Tablo.  Last year with my Nighthawk router, my iPad2 would be my only device that couldn’t find the Tablo.  The only way to resolve the problem was to reboot my router. Other Netgear owners reported the same problem here.

However, with all the firmware updates on the Nighthawk, I haven’t had this problem in at least 6 months.  Make sure all your routers have the latest firmware and also reboot them.

Yes, I did and I have the most up to date firmware.   Thanks, though!
any other thoughts?
still can’t connect to Tablo with my iPad. 

Unplug the two routers that are not your ISP modem / router.

Connect the Tablo to your Motorola modem / router. Connect the iPad to it and see if it works.

Unplug the two routers that are not your ISP modem / router.

Connect the Tablo to your Motorola modem / router. Connect the iPad to it and see if it works.

@Klem Sorry that I’m late to this one! Looks like @theuser86 has you covered - I second the suggestion above ^.