Unable to connect to internet on wifi

I can’t connect with android devices and Tablo. I get these messages:

Roku and PC’s still work. My router is a D-Link DIR-X3260. It’s been 2 days now. I’m not sure how to resolve it. any ideas?

Not sure what you’ve tried already, but here are some ideas,

  • reboot the router
  • check for a firmware update for the router
  • check for a router setting that disallows access between wired and wireless networks
  • redo the WiFi setup on the router
  • factory reset router

Thanks. I’ve gone back to factory settings and restarted everything. I can still use windows and my Roku.

I tested my android devices at the Library. They work there, so it’s probably the router. D-Link wasn’t much help. I’m thinking of trying another brand of router.

Usually a router will have an option in the settings to reset to factory, but may also have a hardware button or pushpin switch on the back. Maybe a hardware reset would help.

…Or as you say, just buy a different router - who doesn’t like getting new toys? ha

Well I restarted everything, including unplugging the power supply, and reset the router. It’s alive! Thanks for your suggestions.