Unable to connect from hotel?

I was recently on vacation and when I got to the hotel I was unable to connect to my Tablo. Now I know that the remote access it working. I can connect from my phone, work, and various other restaurants I visit. My solution was to use TeamViewer to connect to my home server then start Chrome on that machine. This was an aweful solution though because the TeamViewer connection could not keep the audio/video in sync. But if TeamViewer could connect to my home server then I’m assuming I should be able to get to the Tablo as well. Now I know there are probably layers and layers of firewalls between a hotel connection and my Tablo, but, in general, if this were to happen again what can I look at to troubleshoot the connection?

One of two things happened:

  1. Your device was un-paired from the Tablo. This can occur due to WAN IP change by your ISP, router reboot, etc. When you were at said hotel, if you used the 3G connection on your phone, were you still able to connect to the Tablo remotely?
  2. Hotel firewall is blocking the necessary ports for Tablo Connect to work.

I have written about this before. Some firewalls prevent certain peer to peer connections including Tablo. Maybe test by stopping at a Starbucks or the equivalent. You should be able to connect from there.

Yes, I had no problem connecting via 3G

Where have you written about this and did you write about any solutions?

If you were able to connect from 3G and then you went on the hotel WiFi and you were not able to then the answer to your problem is my point #2. There is no solution for that other than asking the hotel to remove your device IP from their firewall (which they may do sometimes).

I had the same problem before. I could connect using my phone, but on WiFi at Taco Cabana it would not connect. I went to Starbucks, and the WiFi worked. Some businesses block the ports. The only solution is to use your phone to connect or ask the hotel to open the ports (unlikely to happen)

I am trying this remote feature, and have been successful in the past ( from work, and Tablo is at home ).

What does it mean when you push “Connect”, and “Connecting…” swirls a little bit. Then “tries” to get to my Recordings ( my default screen ). By “tries”, I mean that I can see 8 or 10 “panels” for a brief time, but then it goes back to the “Connect to Tablo” screen. ???

I was at lunch, and connected fine and dandy while eating at home. I took my tablet back to work with me, and the above is all I can get ???

Your work most likely has ports blocked and at home you don’t.

Ultimately I tracked down my problem to the fact that before we went on vacation I had to restart my Tablo and when I do that the remote connection from outside of my house network needs to be “refreshed”. By “refreshed” I mean go to the setting page, Uncheck the checkbox to enable remote access, then check the checkbox again. This was the only means I found which allowed remote access again. Clicking on the “refresh” button did nothing. I had to uncheck and check the checkbox.

You should not have to do this.

  1. Do you have DHCP reservation set up on your router for the Tablo?
  2. Did you manually configure the port forwarding on the router? Or are you using UPnP to automatically do it for you?