Unable to cast recorded shows from my ASUS tablet to my TV using the Tablo app for android

I have an ASUS MeMOPad (ME173X-A1) and am having problems using the android app to cast recorded shows to my TV.   I can watch TV from the app on my tablet and cast it as well.  I can view schedule, TV, movies and sports, but when I try viewing recordings the app completely bombs out and returns to the homescreen.  (I can cast everything using chromecast via the chrome web-based approach, however, I would prefer to use the app itself.)  I have removed that Tablo app and reloaded it thinking that maybe it loaded incorrectly the first time and still get the same results.  Open to suggestions.


So when you’re not casting your tablet screen, can you use the Tablo app to watch recorded shows? You didn’t mention this. What I mean is when you’re using just the tablet alone, no connection to a Chromecast device.