UI Issues

I don’t know if this has been brought up, but there seems to be many UI issues with the Roku app. I on the upper right side, you get text overlap. This is usually when you are looking at a episode of a particular show.

Also the Table tile blue bar, changes sizes from the main screen then going into any of the apps like live TV or recordings.

The Roku guy may know this already but this is what I have been seening,

@johnnyzee - I have forwarded your comments to ‘the Roku guy’. 

I’m going by memory, and not in front of the TV. I will take a closer look tonight when I get time. “the Roku Guy” too funny!

@johnnyzee - That would be super helpful. If you can take some pictures of what you see and let us know which Roku you’re using and at what settings it’ll help us greatly.

Wow! I feel like I’m at work. Yes, no problem, again I will do it tonight. I don’t have anything major planned.

Just remembered one more thing.

When you select the a show, the Thumbnail is in it’s proper proportions, but once you go down the next step to select an episode, the thumbnail is squished verically.

@johnnyzee - Sorry :slight_smile:  We weren’t able to reproduce this here aside from the blue bar which is intentional and done to match the ‘newer’ Roku channel which is coming. This is why we’d love to be able to see what you’re seeing! 

OK, I will post pictures tonight. :slight_smile:

I am seeing the issues on a Roku 3.